Openreach 'triples pace' of new-build FTTP rollouts

Openreach is now connecting around 20,000 new-build homes to its full fibre network every week, a director at the firm has revealed.

The key challenges for AV in education

Ensuring displays are fully visible and adding the right supporting networking infrastructure are key issues for the education sector when it comes to AV in 2019.

High Court rules on definition of fibre broadband for advertising

The High Court has rejected an appeal by CityFibre to ensure only full FTTP connections can be sold as 'fibre broadband'.

More than half of UK connected with hybrid fibre, figures show

More than half of UK premises now rely on FTTC technology for their connectivity, new figures show.

Key signs that Li-Fi is now ready for the mass market

Is Li-Fi ready to make the leap into the mainstream? Here are some signs that it's getting close.

The benefits of - and barriers to - moving away from copper networks

A new report has highlighted some of the benefits of moving away from copper-based connectivity, as well as the challenges that still lie ahead.

Evolving Technology Events

Comtec are hosting 3 half day events from May to June, with Siemon and IST (Integrated Solution Technology)!

Rural Welsh businesses to get more support for gigabit broadband

A voucher scheme to provide rural businesses in Wales with gigabit connectivity has been given a new funding boost.

Full fibre rollout too uncoordinated, city leaders warn

More work needs to be done to ensure various full fibre developers coordinate their efforts, leaders of cities in the north of England have said.

Openreach launches consultation on migration to full fibre networks

A new consultation from Openreach will seek opinion on how best to manage the move to full fibre networks.